The first healthcare platform capable of anticipating clinical risk, centered around patient and medical staff


Callisia smart bracelet collects patient data intelligently for real-time visualization and data analysis.

Works everywhere

Callisia system can be installed on private clinics and nursing homes.

Always available

Callisia works 24/7 to constanlty monitor patients data and alert for non-normal values.


Callisia's Team is available to customize the system based on client's needs.

Data analysis

Data driven for model building to use for specific needs.


Main priority of Callisia's system is to provide fast and reliable data compared to it's competitors.


App mobile for iOS and android support.


Empower healthcare with Callisia. Monitor health, anticipate risks, and achieve better outcomes.

Unveiling the Future of Healthcare Technology

Discover how our innovative technology transforms patient monitoring and care management. Explore the intuitive interface, real-time data visualization, and personalized insights. See firsthand how Callisia empowers patients, supports caregivers, and revolutionizes healthcare

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Our Team

Meet our dedicated team driving patient monitoring innovation.

Dianel Ago


Alessio Ancillai


Simone Murazzo


Jonathan Montomoli


Floriano Bonfigli


Claudia Diamantini


Full Professor at Università Politecnica delle Marche

Domenico Potena

Technical Advisor

Associate Professor at Università Politecnica delle Marche


Fueling our Vision, Powering our Progress

LIS - Live Information System S.r.l.

UNIVPM Academic Spin-Off

Eletica S.r.l.

Team of experts in electronic systems design and engineering


Università Politecnica delle Marche

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